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Thank you for visiting my site. I have recently decided to change the direction of the website to a subject that I have become more than fascinated about, and that is the way people go about selling gold. It’s a really interesting subject because people accumulate a decent amount of gold over their lives, whether it’s a present that they have received or if they bought some jewelry for themselves.

The truth is that a lot of people don’t really need some or most of the gold jewelry that they have acquired throughout their lives, and could use money instead. That’s where the question arises on where to sell the gold that you just don’t need. Another good place to see some more information about selling gold isĀ http://truval.com/

I’m here to help answer that question and give you a little insight alone the way.

Using your precious metal profits to invest in stocks.

It’s no surprise that a lot of folks do make a fairly handsome profit when buying and selling precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. But what do they do with the money that they make? Do they throw it into a savings account? Spend it? Donate it? Well, the best way to utilize your money is to use it to make even more money. A quick way to go about this is Penny Stocks. These are highly volatile stocks that can make gains that are substantially higher than that of regular stocks. Don’t know much about the world of penny stocks? That’s not a problem in this day and age – because websites like Penny Stock Dream offer free newsletters and information about penny stocks are may hit a hot streak. So you can try your luck in the market of penny stocks to see if you can multiply your earnings!

Does your Jewelry hold any intrinsic value?

Some people take their piece of jewelry into a cash for gold spot and don’t know that their piece can fetch a higher price than just it’s weight in gold or silver. The fact of the matter is, jewelry buyers should be factoring in the amount that they can procure for the piece if they just sold it as a piece of jewelry, and determine their payout that way. For example, if you own a silver Tiffany necklace, chances are is that it’s weight in silver is worth close to nothing, but as a Tiffany necklace it could be worth a high amount, just because of it’s brand.

So be sure to find a seller that offers a payout based on what the piece is worth including any intrinsic value that it may hold.

How your gold should be evaluated.

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to how you sell any type of gold that you have, especially if it’s gold jewelry. The gold, first of all, needs to be weighed on a certified scale for precious metals. This should also be done in front of you to ensure that nothing is tampered with.

Another thing that’s going to be done to your gold or silver is testing to make sure it’s real, as well as testing for purity. Whether your gold is 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat or 24 karat. The most common purity of gold in the US is 14 karat.

Your gold is tested by rubbing it against black slate and then applying a certain acid onto what was rubbed off of your gold. The reaction that the acid has on the gold remain will determine whether your gold is real or not, and how pure it is.